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Hey Folks, Eddie Tiong here with my full Profit Builder review. If you never heard Profit Builder from Sean Donahoe, you are about to get the quite introduction.

As usual, I only review the product when I able to use and test it to verify what it claims. Having said that, also the reason why you are here.


What is Profit Builder All About?

Profit Builder is a drag & drop marketing page builder that can rapidly build the sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, webinar pages and more.

So How Does Profit Builder Works

It is another type of plugins which features on drag and drop page builder. On the working area, you can choose your pre-loaded template. There is Working Panel which you can customize your pre-loaded template according to your preferences.

profit builder working panel

Pre-loaded Template

PB 2.0 included tons of pre-loaded template to choose for customize. Either you want build for landing pages, download pages, thank you pages, blog, opt-in pages, it is ready to plug and play, then customize on it. Click to the image below to find out more on the template.

profit builder pre loaded template

Basic Function of The Panel

Here is some basic edit function will appear when your mouse crossover the box

profit builder function

The functions quite straight forwards. Edit, Move, Clone, Copy, Paste and Add shortcode after element. Profit builder provide very complete shortcode function to use.

profit builder shortcode

So, you might will ask, how customization can I do on the pre-loaded template. Luckily you got asking on this. Well, the customization is very high which we able to see below.

What Features Available in Working Panel?

Compare to first version, it has improved from very first version. It already included the features from the competitor like Thrive Theme Builder, Beaver Builder, etc. Below is some of its features. The customization features like Heading, Font Style, Shadow, Margin and Padding, Border, Scheduled hide/show, Device hide/show, Animation

profit builder features_1
profit builder features_2
profit builder features_3

Additional Features Embedded: Funnel & A/B Test

What attract me on PB is the software included funnel design and A/B test for page.

profit builder funnel and AB test
profit builder funnel

PB 2.0 not provide complete funnel flow view, also it provide statistical number of views of each funnel level. It will help you to optimize your funnel.

My Review On Profit Builder

Overall, Profit Builder improved a lot from the first version. It seem like Profit Builder join to share the cake share for drag-and drop features in WordPress like Optimize Press, Thrive Themes, Beaver Builder.

PB 2.0 seem jump out from the competition which included funnel and A/B test together which if you buy the plugin with such features will cost you some money on it.

It is recommend to get the Profit Builder to try out as Sean promise to have 60 days money back guarantee without any question ask.

Maybe you probably will ask me back which is the best among Optimize Press, Thrive Content Builder and Beaver Builder with Profit Builder? It is a good question, my suggestion is all the plugin available is all about the same in term of features. It is very depend on you which you are more prefer to. But in this case, Profit Builder seem compile all the strong features and enhance it on this v2.0. Try it out now!


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