Top 3 secrets Domain & Hosting Registrar never tell you


First, domain and hosting is require to start an online business. It similar like as virtual shop name and address. For the most of the time, registrar company will upsell to have you to purchase domain and hosting together. For me, I will choose to separate both domains and hosting registration. Lets check out what is the benefit with my preference.

Keep all the domains in one place.

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Given a scenario which is you unsatisfied your hosting company after you has been used a while. Finally you make a decision to move to new hosting company. You probably will consider to transfer the domain together. Domain transfer can be very tedious and consume a lot of time. But if you register your domain different company, you no need to do anything except re-pointing DNS setting to the new host.

Organize all your domains in one place.


Register all the domain in one registrar will ease to organize your domain because when you decide to transfer all the domain into your new servers, you only need to go to your registrar and mass update the DNS setting which much easier.

Maximize the security.

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Domain and hosting is just like virtual asset for your website. By separate the domain registration and your hosting is a method that to maximize the security of your website. In the case that both registered under one place is dangerous. Indirectly, you are allowed hacker not only destroy your website. Also, hackers are able to transfer out the domains and took the ownership on it. By separate register domain and hosting, you are able to provide additional security on it.

Recommendations for domains and hosting registrar

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In summary, for domain registration I would recommend to use Namecheap. Recently they have update and makeover the website which are more user friendly to choose domain name. They have awesome search and suggest features for the domain name for you to refine your domain name that you prefer.

Most important and attract me Is their excellent customer service. The outstanding support which available 24/7 and really helpful and step by step to guide and solve your problem. The additional security free WHOIS guard (Hide your personal contact details) to prevent unnecessary scam to reach you on this

Last but not least, Namecheap provide monthly coupon discount which you can get cheaper price when register your domain. Get your Namecheap monthly coupon HERE

As for hosting, I would recommend use Hostgator. Hostgator provide outstanding web hosting features, which is unmetered bandwidth, unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Hostgator is a award winning company since 2012.


In conclusion, no matter which the registrar you choose. It is very important to compare in term of price, space storage of hosting, email account, bandwidth, and speed of website loading and add on value features that are suit to your needed.

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