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Thrive Themes is the themes currently use for my blog. It is extremely easy to customize based on your creativeness. You can create landing page, content builder, & lead generation with an affordable price. It can easily to get your leads and conversion. Full details please refer to my review below.

Key Features

High Customization

Ease of Use

Realtime WYSWIG


One Time Payment below $50

Doc. & Support

Fast Response & Complete Documentation

Price start with $49

What is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is designed for internet marketer to optimize conversion by getting more traffic, more social shares, more sales and more email subscribers.

It is the theme emphasize on the features and functionality with top 10 key features below.

     Build for SPEED

     Designed for user engagement

     Easy Page Generator

     Customize for your individual needs

     Landing Page Templates

     Smart Conversion Element

     Fully Mobile Responsive

     Continuous updates & Improvements

     Trim down your plugins list

     Support, Training, Tutorial provided

Thrive Themes is a basically all-in-one themes especially for beginner which you are able to create professional looks which is designed for leads and traffic engagement. The drag-and-drop features make the website build getting easy which different with conventional website build which grab attention much blogger, marketer that these features can’t be ignore. Thrive Themes current have 10 different themes (& still growing).

From my experience of using wordpress blogging. It has make my life easier which save me a lot of time. Based on my very picky and choosy own requirement, it actually help me to reduce to research get tons of plugins to get the result I want. Basically it built in all the features that can extremely customize the blog

Thrive Themes


Thrive Themes is a new WordPress platform which change the way of conventional blogging and make the blogging/marketer life easier. It provide outstanding features which can beat the competitor far behind.

In term of price, I did survey among the theme providers like Leadpages, Genesis Theme, Optimizepress, Wishpond, Unbounce, Clickfunnels. Thrive Themes provide most value in terms of the features with the lowest price.

Give it a try... you will addict it own features. You may find the details in HERE


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