How to Master Strong Link Development


According to a recent study, a little over 35% of SEO industry experts polled say that their SEO strategy is based on link development.

Another study showed that link building, specifically the number of links to a certain page on a website, makes up 22% of Google's search engine ranking Algorithm.

Finally, nearly half of all SEO specialists polled said that their link development team is made up of between 2-5 people.

The main takeaway from all these studies?

Link building is a crucial way to rise higher in search engine results, get more traffic to your websites, and above all, make more sales!

Is your link development in need of an extra boost?

We've created the ultimate list of the top 10 link building and development strategies you and your site can't afford to miss.

1. Get The Right Guest Bloggers

Getting a writer from another, reputable site, blog, or even social media account to do a guest post for your site is a crucial part of any link development strategy.


Because it helps to create more - and better - backlinks!

Make sure you choose guest bloggers with strong Domain Authority.

Simply put, this is an estimation of how strong the SEO content of a current page is, and where it will fall in the search engine rankings.

Remember that, whatever blog your guest poster is from, your web page will get the same "link juice" (AKA, the ranking factor and traffic) of their website.

So, you need to choose highly-trafficked, authority-minded sites when you select guest posters.

2. Comment On Other Blogs And Websites

Another way to beef up your link development?

Get active on websites, blogs, and forums related to your industry!

When people on these sites read the comments, they'll see yours, along with a link back to your own website/blog.

Since these website visitors are already interested in what you're selling (since they're on a related page) they're much more likely to click on your link and check out your website.

Avoid spamming comments or leaving comments with no value.

Instead, really engage with what you've just read, as well as with other commenters.

3. Make Sure Links Are Relevant

Of course, the sites linking to your own page need to be relevant to what you're writing about and selling.

If you're going to talk to another site about linking to your own, make sure that your readers and theirs are similar. To test for relevancy, follow these steps:

  • Is the site in the same industry as you are?
  • Does the site have at least a section related to what you do?
  • Is the link relevant to your page's specific content?

4. Use Multiple Tactics

You can't just stick with a single link development strategy - no matter how well it's working.

Instead, you need to diversify your link building plan.

Do this by:

  • Asking other sites to recommend your pages
  • Putting your content on popular sites
  • Getting a column on a popular industry site
  • Creating awesome, relevant content that links to your web page

5. Think Outside The Competition

It's easy to simply copy the link development plan of your competition - but it's not helpful.

Even if your target market is similar, you have to create content that is centered around branding. This is the only way that web users will be able to differentiate you from your competition.

What makes your company unique?

What problems are you solving?

What are you bringing that's new?

Don't guest blog on the same sites as your competition does, and don't approach the same sites for links. This does nothing to set you apart.

All it does is make you look like the lazier and lesser version of your competition.

6. Create Articles And Postings For Article Sites

Places like Ezine and Lifehack collect and publish tons of articles from companies that offer advice to people - with links back to their sites included.

Doing this is sometimes referred to as "article marketing," and it gives you the chance to prove your authority in your field and promote your content at the same time.

7. Submit To Online Directories

In addition to claiming your Google My Business listing and creating pages on review sites like Yelp, you also need to submit your website to online directories.

These are essentially the digital yellow pages and will help make sure that the people who need your services and products can find you.

Always aim to submit to industry-specific and local online directories first, to see the best results.

8. Issue Press Releases

This quick releases will tell people more about your brand, your products, and services - and they'll also include links to your site.

Since they're easy for others to share, many press releases get re-published on tons of industry blogs and sites. That means more links back to you!

9. Get On Social Media

Of course, this is a big one!

In addition to industry websites and blogs, make sure you're active both on your own and on popular social media accounts in your field.

Not only will this give you more clicks to your site, but you'll also gain followers. The more followers you have, the stronger your link development!

This gives you the chance to promote your products to your target market directly since they've "opted in" to your brand by choosing to follow you.

10. Focus On The Anchor Text

Last but certainly not least, a good link development plan uses natural, not forced, anchor words when linking internally and externally.

Remember earlier, when we discussed relevant content? Well, the actual text needs to be relevant to your link, too.

For example, if you're linking to a page of shirts on your page, your anchor text needs to be something like "new dress shirts" instead of "getting a new car."

Use These Tips In Your Link Development Strategy

We know that if you use these 10 tips, you're going to see both your traffic and your conversions increase.

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