How to register your domain with NameCheap


If you interest to start your website or a blog and you’ve ever wanted to learn how to build your first blog, you’re in luck.

That’s because this tutorial will reveal to you how to register your domain with NameCheap with cheaper price. 

Indeed, in just moments you’ll discover:

  • How to register your domain with NameCheap
  • A nifty trick for register the domain with discount coupon.
  • Tips and tricks to choose your right domain name

In this tutorial, I will discuss about how to register your domain using NameCheap. Hope this will guide you to register your domain in the easy understanding and follow with your own comfortable pace.

Why Namecheap?

Glad that you ask on this question. ​Maybe this is the first question that most of you will think.
Why I recommend for NameCheap?

​I been with NameCheap since back 2014 when I starting my blog online. I seen it grow and become better since beginning till now. NameCheap never disappointing me on their services and price. It has excellent reputation for the domain and hosting with the valuable price.

Another features that I personally like is WhoisGuard Protection (to privatize domain owner info) which other service provider don’t have this features or if available will be an addon with expensive price.

Register a Domain Name

Lets start the tutorial with register a domain name. You may head to Namecheap with another windows while refering this tutorial. 

First and foremost, before you buy a domain name, you need to register an account with NameCheap. You may see screenshot similar as below. Good news is the account registration is totally free. You no need to pay any cost until you purchase their domain or hosting services.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Follow step tutorial below to register your domain.

1. To register an account, you will see “SIGN UP” at top left, click on it.


2. Next, Input the username, password and personal details (First Name, Last Name, and email)


3. After register the account, login into your new registered NameCheap account to start the purchase.

Takeaway Notes

NameCheap recently had update the security measure features for their user login with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Every time for password reset and login, it will send the security code which will send verification code to your mobile phone.

You may on the features as below.

NameCheap_Two Factor Authentication

It is recommend to enable Two-Factor Authentication 2FA as it adds an extra layer of security to your account to prevent unauthorized person to login and access to your account.

4. After register your namecheap account, proceed to register a domain, simply type the domain keyword which you want to register inside the bar and click on search button as below.


You may out the search result as below. It will show you several domain extension which one available and which one is not. I recommend to choose popular extension domain example .com, .net (.com & .net are easily to remember), .me (suitable for build self-brand website.)


From the screenshot above is the search result for moustrapshop. From the result, has been brought by others which not available to register.

It will show you the domain extension which available to register with a list of domain extension.

If the domain which is not available to register, it will show as below. If you very interest and insist to have the domain extension which owned by others. You may make offer to buy over thru Namecheap with higher price (min US$199). also need agreement from the domain owner agreed with the price that you offered.


5. In this case, since the .com domain is not available. I selected .net as example. Once confirm the order details correct, click on “Confirm Order”. Next page it will bring you to payment page. By default, you may see 2 main item on the Order page.

(In figure no.1) Domain Registration. Under this section will show the domain that you want to buy and register.

(In figure no.2) WhoisGuard Protection (Free for 1st year, the charges will be start on 2nd year onwards with $2.88/year)

(In figure no.3) If you got realize, there is Promo Code beside the order page. Generally, NameCheap will publish Promo Code Coupon monthly.

Takeaway Notes

NameCheap offer monthly discount coupon for domain registration. You may refer to link below.


6. Proceed to payment of your domain name.


There will be 3 method support for the payment.
1. Credit Card payment.
2. Paypal which It required you to login to your Paypal for your payment.
3. Account Fund. Once confirm the payment method, you may proceed to finished for the payment process.

Click “Pay Now” and congratulation you are done. The domain is belongs to you.


Final Words

Last but not least, If you have any question or stuck when registering your domain, feel free to leave me comment. I would very happy to assist you. You may go ahead to NameCheap to register your domain or know more about NameCheap.




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