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Thanks for dropping by to my personal create step by step for GetResponse tutorial. Hopefully this tutorial will benefit to all of you especially beginner or for those who is still doing decision making which email marketing service provider to choose.

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Get Your GetResponse 30 Days Free Trial Account

My suggestion is why not to go thru my tutorial below to check what GetResponse special features will benefit for you when you want to use email marketing for your business.

Additionally, in case you don't know, GetResponse generously give FREE trial account for 30 days. All you need to do is providing email address and create password for the account without providing any your credit card details.


Once you put your email address and password, click Sign up button. It will go to page below which ask you to check your email to activate your brand new GetResponse account.  


When you go to your Inbox, you will find GetResponse will send you email as below. Just click the 'Activate Your Account' and you are done. You can have GetResponse 30 days free trial account to tryout before you decide to upgrade to paid subscription. 


Tutorial Overview

In this tutorial, I will cover 4 main part which is as below

  • Create a new Campaign
  • Create Form
  • Create Landing Page
  • Create Automation Workflow

Create a new Campaign

What is Campaign?

Before we go in detailed into create the campaign, let us understand about the campaign.

A campaign is a set of messages sent to a specified group of contacts. Campaigns can consist of two types of messages:

  • Newsletters - one time messages sent on a specific date.  Generally, it use for promotion & special discount event.
  • Autoresponder messages - an automated sequence of messages sent at predetermined intervals or based on the action performed by the subscriber.

First and foremost, you may find the create campaign at the top right of the GetResponse Dashboard.

create campaign

After you click on create campaign, it will bring you to page below. Enter the new campaign name and click on 'Create Campaign' button.

create campaign_2

Takeaway Notes

​Please note that all campaign names must be unique, meaning they cannot exist in any account in the GetResponse system. Campaign name must be between 3-64 characters (only lowercase a-z, numbers and “_”).

Good Job! You have just done create your very first campaign. Next step you can start create your autoresponder message or newsletters.


Before we go to next step, if in the process you want to change the campaign details. You can always go to top right of your dashboard. You will found there is a gear logo. 

GR edit campaign details

Edit Campaign Details

By the time you navigate to campaign details. There is 3 tab category which is General, Profile and Permission. Each of tab below I explain what is the setting about and recommended setting.

In the General tab

In the Profile tab

In the Permission tab

Create Autoresponder

In order to create autoresponder message and newsletter, you can always to find it at the top of the bar at the dashboard.

In this tutorial, I only cover for autoresponder message because the step to create newsletter will be similar to create autoresponder.​

Create Autoresponder

Once you click on 'Create Autoresponder', you will see as page below. 

On day '0' means the day which your subscriber sign up. ​Select the campaign which you want to create your autoresponder. 

Next, select the schedule to send the message. There will be 3 options you can choose for.
1. Send message 'immediately'
2. Send message 'with delay of [time]
3. Send message 'not earlier than' 

Create Autoresponder_note

Takeaway Notes

Note: Time-based autoresponder messages start on Day 0 (the day the contact subscribes) and Day 1 is the day after opt-in.

After specifying the day interval, choose a campaign and apply the time-of-day settings:

  • Sign up: Send time-based autoresponders as soon as your contact subscribes.
  • Delay: Send the message with a delay you specify, from 1-23 hours.
  • Custom: Choose the hour when the message should be delivered. Enable Time Travel if you want it delivered at the local time of your subscribers.

Autoresponder Done For You layout and Start From Scratch

You can start to create your very first autoresponder in the campaign. 

​GetResponse provide numbers of 'Done-For-You' template message which you can choose for. The design looks very attractive and professional looks. The thing you only need to do is to change the words to your own message.

autoresponder message_template

If you don't like the design template available. Always to choose 'Start From Scratch' on the top left. With this you can design you very own unique template. We will cover more how to create message 'Start From Scratch' since the template is easy to understand and use.

Choose 'Start From Scratch', you will see on the page below​. Choose any template layout you prefer. For this tutorial. I will just choose for 1 column-3.

start from scratch template

Element arrangement for the layout

Finish with choosing the template you want, you can add several element as below.

  • Basic blocks (Preheader, text block, image block, image & text block, horizontal ruler and button.)
  • Social sharing
  • Integrate with Paypal
  • Snippets
start from scratch template_layout design
autoresponder save and publish

GetResponse provide drag-and-drop features when you design your message. After you done writing your message, you are able to preview your message how it looks in the mobile phone device.

Once done, click on 'Next step' and 'Save & Publish' You will see the first autoresponder been created and you can create your next message as below.


Create Form

This is my favourite part which GetResponse provide comprehensive on form creation. 

Where you can find​ 'Create Form button'. On 'Dashboard' page at the top of the bar.

create form

Getresponse provide 4 main type of the form creation.

  • List Builder Wizard
  • List Builder Apps
  • Plain HTML
  • Integrations

List Builder Wizard

Getresponse create tons of done for you ready made template for you choose for in list builder wizard. You may just simply choose the suitable design and edit the content wording.

create form_template

List Building Apps

List building apps is the different kind and size of form to embedded in your website.

Download Form

Fixed Bar

Image Box

Sign Up Box

Exit Popup

Scroll Box

Shake Box


For this portion I won’t cover on it. Except if you have some knowledge on HTML, else I won’t recommend you use on this. It is not necessary and wasting time if you want learn on this


Getresponse allowed to build form and connect to the website by below platform

  • Facebook Web Form Apps
  • WordPress
  • Prestashop
  • Joomla Integration
  • WooCormmerce plugin
  • Drupal Integration

Landing Page

This is the additional comprehensive features provide by GetResponse.

Getresponse currently are able to host the landing page for you to capture your leads without have a website. Some people may lazy to maintain the website or blog, but want to capture their leads for their business online, this will be one of the good option to us GetResponse.

GetResponse provide professional look ready-made landing page template to choose for. This will help to make your website more attractive.

landing page template

As an example, I choose Healthy Living Template

On the top there is desktop and mobile preview how your website looks like. The template is mobile responsive which you can arrange the layout of your website when your audience use mobile to surf your website.

landing page weight loss mobile

The landing page is coming together with professional looks “Thank you Page”

landing page thank you page
landing page thank you page mobile


If you have any problem or question.when starting your GetResponse campaign, feel free to leave me a comment below. Any comment or opinion how can I improved my tutorial blog post, please leave me comment as well. 😀

the complete tutorial of getresponse



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