The Complete Review of GetResponse


GetResponse is an email marketing service providers. It provide platform to grow your business by connect and send information to your subscribe. I write on this review because I personally using GetResponse and I found it is user friendly and value for money with the features it provided

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the cheapest and effective method to reach out your subscriber. It has the largest penetration in the market because the email is free and most people will have more than 1 email account.

There are more than 3.2 billion email accounts today. 95% of online consumers use email and, 91% check their email at least once a day (Source: Marketing Cloud).

According to data from DMA 2015

For every $1 invested, email marketing generates an average return of $38. This show email marketing have a good ROI. 

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This show email marketing known for its high Return on Investment (ROI) compare to other marketing medium.

Advantage of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is Targeting Marketing. By using email marketing, it is easily to filter the “targeted leads” and “non-targeted leads” by segmenting your leads with demographics, gender, age and other data that you required. Email marketing which easily customize your message for each leads and ensure every email that received are customize follow their needs and make high conversion rate.

Increase and promote on branding. Every email that sending out expose your brand with your customer. Indirectly under subconscious mind, customer will easily remember your brand when they need product/services for their problem. Meanwhile it also increase chance to convert your leads into loyal clients.

Easy to forward and share. Email are easily share by using forward button. Whenever that valuable content you write to your subscriber are shareable which your subscriber might recommend your brand and share to his/her friend around.

Statistically measurable. Email marketing provide tools report which to track the important metric such as Quantity daily subscriber, delivery rates, email open rates, click-to-deliver rates by providing not only insight data but also in graph. You may easily know which email are higher responsive and easily for you to plan your marketing strategic in future.

High efficient tools in term of cost. This is most advantage among all the marketing strategic. Email marketing saves printing cost & postage fees. It is very affordable even you are a small business owner.

Suitable almost for all category if you are website and social media owner, entrepreneur, business owner (offline & online). Email marketing tools are not suitable for you if you are doing business in 1 time deal and not wish to sustain relationship with your customers. in today business are changing from conventional to digital, email marketing will be a cost-effective tools that to strategize your marketing plan with get the most benefit on it.

My experience in Email Marketing

I still remember that when I start up my internet marketing business, my budget is very small and less. I need to spend wisely especially on the email marketing tools which need do monthly payment.

As I start up with no subscriber at all, I need to ensure each dollar I spend is worth to the features that provided.

Why not choose FREE Email Marketing service provider?

Not everything free stuff has its quality. That time I was very excited that I found FREE email marketing service provider because I can save up the money on this.

The disaster just begin, which I found difficulty with the limited basic features that provided. I spend lot more of time just to understand it functionality.

The newsletters that I created are not as what I demand for and the customer service are kinda slow response which make my work delayed.

I start frustrated and waste a lot of time just to start the email campaign to reach out my subscriber.

Scouting for Better Service Provider

Lesson learned after suffering from the disaster, I decide to look for better user friendly interface and 24/7 customer services support. Because I don’t want to repeated what I suffered from my previous experience.

Due to I just start-up my blog that time with limited budget, I want to find the service provider that will make my task effectively done in terms of time, cost, and energy.

The things I consider before subscribe email marketing services?

I totally understand that you probably have a hard time to choose the best email marketing tools that suitable for you based on your budget. Additionally the email marketing tools normally charge on monthly or annually. Wrong pick of the tools might causing trouble that you might migrate to the better service providers, which will cause more cost and time (Migration after you establish your large amount of your subscribers.)

Same case goes to me when doing decision making for choosing on this. There is 4 factor which I will consider when choosing among the service providers.

Features. The main features that should have like Email Newsletter, Manage Subscribers, Email Marketing API, Inbox preview, Integration. This is important because it will make your life easier later.

Ease to use: Some special features such as Drag-and-Drop Email Editor, Marketing Automation, Responsive Email Design, The Form (Exit pop-up), scroll form, shake box, Landing Pages will save you a lot of time when you creating the campaign for your subscriber list.

Price. The price is one of the important consideration. Some service provider provide 500 subscriber list for $19/month where some provide 1000 subscriber list for $15/month. For start off with, I recommend you start up with the cheaper with the similar features.

Customer Services. Need to ensure the customer service is fast response and 24/7 available when you need help.

Key Takeaways

Always remember to compare criteria below before purchase a product or subscribe a service

  • Features - Check and compare featured which can enhance, automated & reduce your work load 
  • Ease to use - ensure the product/subscription is user friendly 
  • Price - compatible with the features provided with what you had paid.
  • Customer Services 365 days 24/7 customer services preferred.

Why I choose for Getresponse?

I start to scout for email marketing service providers with minimum cost start-up and I found GetResponse.

GetResponse provide the lowest price package with $15/month with first 1000 subscribers. There is also option which if you pay annually for $12.30/month (save $32.40 per annual). Save $54 per annual if you choose prepay for 2 years.

When I found GetResponse, I keep asking myself that is the GetResponse is the right decision and suitable for me? I worry later if I found better services and need to spend some time and money to migrating the subscriber list again to new services providers.

With GetResponse confident provide 30 days-trials and I decide to give a try to ensure I didn’t make wrong move on it.

Now with limited time, GetResponse currently offer $30 credit into account once you continue with paid subscription after free trial month. Means you can get 1+2 month free subscription free if you choose Email Package.

Pro (What I Like)

  • ​Cheapest for base plan "Email Plan" compare to other competitor with base plan.
  • Drag and drop editor features
  • Responsive emails preview platform for mobile
  • Landing page creator with drag and drop features
  • Automation Marketing (New added features)
  • Responsive Email Design
  • 24/7 Live Chat Customer Support
  • Free trials for 30 days without credit card details

Cons (What I don't Like)

  • No free plan
  • No phone support on weekends
  • Drag and drop features sometimes a bit clunky

How to use GetResponse?

Glad that you ask on this. GetResponse usability quite straight forward for creating email newsletter. The website interface are easily understand and use. I personally had done the GetResponse tutorial, hope can help you understand and use the basic features on this. 


Last but not least, I would recommend you to use GetResponse because I am satisfy using it until now. GetResponse didn't give me pretty much problem in the email creation.

If you are just starting with online business with no subscriber, GetResponse definitely will be a best choice to test off. You may try out their 30 days free trials without credit card required. In later time, you may stop the subscription with no cost if you not satisfied.

Summary Product Review: GetResponse

Editor Overall Rating


GetResponse is a top notch email marketing tools which is user friendly, price competitive and provided practical features. Give GetResponse a try with free 30 days trials, you will love it.

Use: Email Marketing

Key Features

Drag-and-Drop Editor

Automation Marketing

Ease of Use

Clear instruction and button


Starting 1000 subscriber list with $15/month

Doc. & Support

24/7 Live Chat Support

From $15/month (Free Trial For 30 Days)

Feel free to leave me comment if you have question about it. Help me to share this post if you like it.

The Complete Review of Email Marketing Tools -GetResponse



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