Email Marketing Guide for Beginner (Part-1)


What is subscriber list?

Subscriber list normally is a list of subscriber in email marketing which the group of people interest niche that information you share in form of article or blogpost. Generally, this group are trusting on you and seek to receive information in long term from you which found useful for them.

The subscriber list also can consider as leads audience for you. If you are product creator or an affiliate, the high chance they might purchase product from you if you recommend to them.

Why build subscriber list?

In email marketing, subscriber list is an asset for you. It is important to keep in touch with you subscriber list and build long term relationship with them and understand your audience needs from time to time. Your subscriber list not only will purchase from you once, if you can sustain the relationship well, your subscriber will continuously purchase thru your email content or website content.

Meanwhile, another main reason is because email marketing is cheapest platform in internet marketing to interact with your audience. The current famous email marketing tools in market is Aweber, GetResponse, etc.

How to build subscriber list?

1. Build useful and quality content.

If you serious about your business and want to build healthy relationship and engage with your audience, you need to provide worthwhile and interesting content in order to exchange your audience email. Nobody will gives their email address to you for free.

2. Increase the subscriber sign-up rate by put on every web page.

This is most crucial part to appear the sign-up forms on every webpage. Your audience won’t interest of all content you provide, they might landing an article page that they interest. If your sign p form only appear on your main web page, the chance he will sign up is very low. Ensure it is visible and easy to fill out.

3. Utilize email marketing in social media.

Nowadays the internet marketing games change. People will spend most of their time in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat..etc. The main email marketing providers such as Aweber and Getresponse provide the integration to social media. You may integrate your sign-up forms with social media platform easily. This allow multiple source of the different traffic to build your subscriber list faster.

4. Ensure your sign-up form design is simple and clean.

Always refer a good rule simple and clean. From the research of the well-known internet marketer, the shorter and clean sign-up form will have high conversion rate. It is truth which your audience don’t want complicated process.

Below is some of example of the sign up form or more known as Opt-In form. Thrive Leads offer the ready made simple and clean template for the Opt In Form which you only do minor touch up and changes according to your needed. It is really convenience and save a lot of times on the Opt-in form design to the beginner

5. To have your privacy policy page.

It is your responsibility to ensure your audience privacy is safe and you will not share their personal information to others third parties. This will build and increase your audience confident level which it is safe to subscribe with your website.


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