How to Choose Best Themes for WordPress


WordPress Themes is a most important element which provide your website main structure. It gives most important impression when visit your website. Initially WordPress is a platform to blogging. Due to its high customization, WordPress now are able to create eCommerce, Membership site, Photography, etc.

In general, the themes could be free or paid. ​ It can be relatively cheap and also can be relatively expensive depend on your requirement and needs. In this blog, I will share some tips and guidelines for you to choose the themes.

What WordPress theme should i use

In the first place, the question come to your mind "What WordPress theme should I use?". The answer is really depend on what website you want to build on. There is tons of the WordPress themes in the market with the certain features. You have to select the features according to your needs.

Overall, below are some popular and useful features that you may take into consideration as below.

  • Responsive Design
  • Embedded Social Sharing Features
  • SEO friendly
  • Additional Widget Enhancement
  • High Customization for Themes
  • Continuous Updates & Support

1. Responsive Design

WordPress Themes Responsive Design

Responsive design is an approach which using CSS and HTML on your webpage by automatically resize, reorganize your webpage layout in order makes your webpage looks great in any screen devices (desktop, tablets, phones).

It is important as your audience nowadays not only view the website like a decade ago. The usage of tablets and phones to surf the website getting popular. With responsive design features, it allowed your website looks great no matter what screen size device they using.

2. Embedded Social Sharing Features


The words "Sharing is Caring" is so true when it applied to the website. Embedded Social Sharing Features in your website is necessary and crucial. It allowed your audience to help to promote your website to their friends on their social network. As the result, your website become popular and increase your audience size.

Social Sharing can be very viral which it able to magnify your audience side if your audience loves what you share on your website. Once they share your website in the social media platform, the chances that your website expose to public is high. This is one of the source of free traffic to promote your website.

3. SEO friendly


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important element for your website. It will help your leads and audience find your website easily if you do proper and correct SEO. Choosing the WordPress themes which SEO friendly which cut short your process to improve SEO in your website.

Themes with SEO friendly such as Thrive Themes, DIY Themes. These themes are ready with SEO consideration which make your job easier. It is absolutely OK if the themes currently you use not have SEO friendly features. You can always install SEO plugin such as All in One SEO, Yoast SEO.

5. Additional Widgets Enhancement

WordPress Widgets help to beautify the content and features to your Sidebars. By default, WordPress widgets ready for Search, Categories, Tag cloud, etc. Themes and plugin often will add its own widget. It designed with purpose simple and easy use. Below are the screenshot of the one of the Thrive Themes FocusBlog with its own additional widgets.


Thrive Themes FocusBlog Widgets

In the FocusBlog Theme as example. The Theme provide additional useful widgets such as Thrive Call-To-Action Widget, Thrive Leads Widgets, Thrive Tabs Widget (my favorite), Thrive Opt in Widget. Without any coding knowledge like me, these widgets make my work done faster.

6. High Customization for Themes

High Customization

Themes with High customization enable you to create any kind of website easily. It may help you save a lot of money as you may buy a theme with unlimited license and build multiple type of website such as a blog, landing page, eCommerce shop, Opt-In page, etc.

Some of the theme are designed for certain purpose for example eCommerce. These kind of theme is hardly to change if in future you suddenly change your mind to write a blog by using this theme. You will find some difficulty as it not designed for blog use.

Some Themes with high customization such as Thrive Themes provide high customization themes which provide clean and sleek user interface. With combination of Thrive Content Builder, it change the way to website creation become more easy.

7. Continuous Upgrades and Support


Ensure the theme that you purchase provides continuous updates and quick support response when you facing any issue for the theme that used. Sometimes building website can be frustrated due to some technical issue related. In this portion, technical support play important role to assist you in shortest time.


For the final words, I personally recommend use Thrive Themes. The themes is clean and sleek with high customization. Thrive Themes also provide good technical support for whatever difficulty you facing. Feel free to leave me comment below about your favorite theme that you currently use. Lets share thoughts and discuss together.


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