Podcast? Marketing Content That You Should Never Missed


What is podcast? (In case you not sure about it..)

Podcast basically is in form of audio files which available on internet for downloading to any devices. It normally come with a series which can received by subscriber automatically.

Why I write article regarding podcast?

Eventually I am not the type that like to listen to podcast for the information. I am the conventional learning type which like to hold a pen and paper on hand to write down the important what I can read or watch the tutorial video. Anyhow, it just my own preference.

Life change, I need input short and quick

After a while, there is a period which my life getting busy with works and family. I start realize Podcasts become one of the best option to get the information while I am waiting for the appointment, waiting for flights, and also while I jogging. At least this are the only time that I can squeeze out for my brain to have some knowledge input.

There is a lot of good marketing podcaster online, they all provide very useful content. Below is I personally would like to recommend some of my favourite Podcaster. These podcast I still subscribe and listen while I have free time.

Podcast #1: Marketing School by Neil Patel


I love Neil Patel marketing school podcast because every podcast about 10 minutes. Although it is short but the marketing content is practical. Patel has been a leader in marketing for many years and is a successful author, business owner, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. Hel is an expert of SEO & traffic. You will get a lot of updated information podcast from him every day.

Podcast#2: Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

smart passive income

Pat Flynn is also one of the Podcaster & Online Marketer that I like. He teaches video marketing, affiliate marketing and more. His podcast available 5 days per week where he answer online business question. He is the guy I would recommend if you like to make passive income. He shared his failures he and other people have made, how he learn and overcome on it.

Podcast#3: Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield

amy porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the online marketer which shares on social media strategy. If you want learn more how to drive traffic from Facebook, she will be the expert on it. With her podcast, you’ll learn tactics for getting more traffic, more customers and so much more. Best of call, she breaks things down into lessons that you can understand and more importantly implement.

Final Words

There is tons of the information available online nowadays. Sometimes even myself will feel overwhelmed on it. My tricks to overcome on it is only follow some of online marketers. Most important learn and execute it immediately and log the result. The beauty of online marketing is there is no fix rules to follow, make it live which suotable to yourself.

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