Hey guys, thanks for dropping by to EddieTiongdotcom, my personal internet marketing & lifestyle blog. I created this blog to help myself to generate passive income and make money online. Monitor the progress what I had done and to help readers make money online as well.

My name is Eddie Tiong and I am currently live and work in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Origin I am from Sarawak. In case you don’t know about Malaysia, let me briefly to have introduction of Malaysia. Malaysia is combined of East Malaysia and West Malaysia. Which mean I stay far apart from my family from East Malaysia and work in Kuala Lumpur in West Malaysia.

Who is Eddie Tiong?

I am an engineer for my living. As an engineer, the responsibility generally is to solve the problem whatever we facing in the process work area. Indirectly, it trained me become a problem solver in my life too. This also one of the reason why I love study on technical problem which I ever facing. 

My interest is on web designing and blogging apart from as an engineer. That the reason why my personal blog exist. Besides work in front of my PC, I love to jog at park. I will go jogging for 3 times per week and every month I will run for 1 Half Marathon for self motivation in achieving to my target. While working hard on my career and my blog, it is important to enforce myself to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially consistently to work out and take a proper nutrition diet meal.

Meanwhile, I like to spend my holiday to travelling around since few years back. This probably due to my interest of blogging. I like to read blogs, articles, discussions and comment from the website and I like to interact back in the discussions and comments. I start love to know more different country culture, scenery and foods. Sometimes away a while from my hectic workplace will make me feel energized.

My family is a big family. I have 1 elder brother, 4 elder sister and 1 youngest brother. My father pass away on 2009, after around 1 year fight with colon cancer. This is my regret which still pain until today. The time my father very sick time I just start work and I can’t spend more time with him and give him a better living for his elder age. The time travel to my work place to my home town need 6 hours’ time to reach.

Why I write this blog?

My dream is to become full time blogger and spend more time with family and travel around. Apart from this, one of my important mission in my life from now on is to gather all the family member from time to time. Feel free to drop me an email to share your story, your experience, or anything you want to share with me. I would like hear from you.

What is this blog about?

This blog is about my latest project to build a profitable website from the scratch. I will share the moments and the difficulties that I facing and how I overcome on it.

The ideas which come on my mind which would like to share my experience in the internet marketing and the resources that I have been studied and cut short the process for the beginner to jump start. At the same time, I can make friends around the world for the information exchanged.

Perhaps, Your Feedback?

Have you start blogging or online business journey? Lets make friend and feel free to share your journey with me. If you have any idea or comment to my blog, please drop me an email to info@eddietiong.com