7 Tips to Find a Perfect Domain Name


Domain name represent the IP address of your website. It is very important because the internet addressing system will not effective without them. To remember all your flavor websites IP address would be impossible. That’s the reason the domain name exists to replace each unique IP address.

The moment you are ready to choose domain name, you should have selected your niche and have a list of keywords which you going to target and use. Below is some tips for choosing s perfect domain name.

1. Always get the domain name with the keyword in that you want to target.

This is important for ranking purpose. Almost everyone like to use their own name as their domain. Your site won’t rank if your site is about diet and you doesn’t give Google any clues about the diets.

Google will always first look at your domain name as one of the element to rank your site. You still may use your own name as domain for the case that you desire to brand yourself as the expertise on the niche.

Nevertheless, always choose the domains that contain the name of the niche use plurals (although it doesn’t make sense). In the mouse traps example I would probably buy a domain like

  • mousetrapsreview.com
  • mouse-traps.com
  • themousetrapshop.com

Why plurals is recommended is because Google place emphasis on the keywords in the domain name. If the domain name has the phase “mouse traps” in it, Google will assume the site will be about mouse traps.

Another reason by putting plural in your keywords, you will rank for both “mouse traps” (you will see the search result highlighted like this: mousetraps) and “mouse trap”. Adding “shop” to the end of a domain is a tricky way of still getting the plural keyword in there. (Highlighted in Google search results as mousetrapshop).

2. Buy your own domain than using free one.

It is more recommend to buy your own domain because it looks more professional and you have the ownership and control if you would like to sell it. The free domain (like example: runningshoes.blogspot.com, fashionwear.weebly.com) will have the structure your keywords attached with other domain. It give the feeling more promote the company provide free domain to you than your desired keywords domain.

3. Put your targeted keywords or key phases at the beginning of the domain name, not the end.

If your keyword is “cat food in bulk” www.bulkfoodforcats.com is an okay keywords. But if you arrange your keywords as www.catfoodinbulk.com will be much better. It shows to google you more emphasize on cat food.

4. Always check the legalities of your domain.

Domain name related to branded name keywords (either direct or indirect) such as Apple, Facebook, Ipad, Iphones, Olympics are trademarks and cannot be used in your domain name. To avoid after you put your effort and times building a websites only to have to take it down later due to trademark infringement. You may search for “keyword+brandprotection” or “keyword+registered trademarks” to find out more information.

5. Always choose TLD (Top Level Domain) as your first choice.

It is always a good practice that buy the .com or .us or .org domain names (or the extension of whatever the country you are in) ahead of .net domain names. Avoid to choose extensions like .info, .biz, .us as these are commonly used a lot by spam websites so search engines and visitors always ignore them.

6. Avoid to use hyphens in domain if possible.

If your keywords not available without hyphens, it is better to buy a domain names with hyphen than to have no keywords in the domain. The main reason to avoid to use the hyphens is because when somebody types in your domain and forgot to type the hyphens, they will go to your competitor sites.

7. Make it easy to understand and remember.

Make sure you don’t make your domain too long. The longer the domain name, the easier another people to do mistake when type your domain. Avoid two or more same letter next to each other. Make it easy to read in the browser bar.

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