5 Secret Tips to Success Your Goals in 2017


It's 1st day of 2017 and as a started of a new year. I wish you guys Happy New Year 2017. Hope you guys have a good start ahead. In this post, I would like to share the the topic about "How to Success your goal in 2017."

You might be familiar with situation below which usually end of the year You get shock and disappointed when you review back the goal that achieved on 2016, it might only 50% or less than that been done, and you have no idea where is your time gone.You have tons of reason and excuses which other factors causing your time is not enough for you to achieve your goals. End up just left the goal over whatever not achieved. Dramatically, every 1st day of the year, you started with very ambitious and motivated emotion and feeling to set tons of goals to be achieved. You are happily scratch out your goals and deadlines with very confident can complete it 100%.throughout the year.

After you scratch your goals list out you might find out most of your goal is boring, When the days and months passed, you may distract by other fancy and more excited stuff. And You will forget about your goals until the December of the year. And gosh, it is December and still not yet complete my goals and start regret what you had been done on the whole year and left the previos goal in your history. Sounds familiar?

I found there is 5 main secret tips can help you to achieve your goal you set. Most of the tips below which you might probably already know and not focus on it. Take it as reference and reminder to yourself to become better of you.

1. Set Priority of your goals

In your list you may have several goals which you want to achieve in a whole year. Set priority of your goals which are most time sensitive.

2. Success career together with success in your live

You may realize the time you spend to work the office are more than the time you at home. Improve your healthy lifestyle from time to time. Ensure your living environment clean and provide your body with sufficient nutrition. Do regular exercise and get enough rest. This is important to keep your momentum to achieve your goals that you set. Always financial minded prepared to spend under your mean.

3. Learn, Understand & Action

Learn understand and action is a complete process for learning. Learn without understand which mean you are blindly action on the stuff that been thought. Learn and without action won't produce any result and easily forgettable. Without learn, your knowledge is stagnant at the same level.

4. Always Focus your goal 1 by 1

There is tons of knowledge you can learn everyday. Don't be so greedy want to seize everything in 1 time. Your Brain size is limited. Rome is not built in a day too. Focus the topic or subject most interest or useful to you. Seize the knowledge 1 by 1.

5. Treat Yourself Better Everyday

Always treat yourself better everyday no matter in mental or physical. Always slot a personal time for yourself to review the stuff you have been done everyday. Buy yourself a good wear or food for treat yourself each time you complete the goal.

      Perhaps, you may have better idea or goals achievement for year 2017. Do leave comment below to share with me. I would like to hear from you. Help me share the article if you like it very much.


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