10 Mobile Apps That Double Up Your Business Productivity


Mobile apps is very common today, even is a trend that which in every single person have some mobile apps in their mobile device. From the purpose entertainment to productivity, the apps that you can name it, you can download easily in your mobile.

So how does mobile apps can help you for business productivity?

You might be facing the scenario like this before. Your client request some data from you and need immediate answer, and they want immediate action now. They don’t have patient to wait until you power up your PC. What’s go in your mind is you don’t want to wait either like him.

With the common environment with free high-speed wireless internet, mobile device are just like your small portable computer. You can work anyplace, anytime you like, even you can doing business while in washroom. You might missing out if you are not using any of these mobile apps. These apps can double up your productivity in your business.

App #1: Any.DO

Any.DO - mobile apps
  • App Name: Any.DO
  • App Website: http://www.any.do
  • App Category: Project Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Any.do is one of the useful project management apps which you can use it on any devices, available anytime, anywhere, you preferred. It use all-in-one concept to organize your tasks, list, reminders and all event in one place, so that you will never miss out important occasion.

The features of fast synchronizing across all devices and able to share make the apps great for collaborating with others. Any.do also integrate well with Google Calendar, Exchange, iCloud, help you to review your agenda any way you like. You can even capture your task by using your voice.

App #2: Buffer

buffer - mobile apps
  • App Name: Buffer
  • App Website: http://www.buffer.com
  • App Category: Social Media Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Buffer is an all social media in one apps concept to help you to keep up with social media posts. It only available on desktop but also with the mobile apps. This will enable you to make your life simpler and easier because you can update your post immediately on the spot and no need to wait back to your desk. You can gets your work done while you are waiting for public transport, waiting for your friends.

The apps is available for Android and iOS. This apps not only can share to multiple social media accounts at once, but also able to get actionable analytics, and share them using custom time schedule. Buffer app come with free and paid version. Free version are enough to use for individual or small business owner. You can upgrade to premium business plan later once you need additional functionality features you need.

App #3: Asana

asana - mobile apps
  • App Name: Asana
  • App Website: http://www.asana.com
  • App Category: Project Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, G Suite

Asana is a web and mobile apps designed to help teams track their work, and work together effortlessly. It improve team collaboration and allowed users to manage projects and tasks online without the use of email. It able to help your team to keep updating for the project progress and any changes if have. Asana available in Android, iOS and G Suite and you can download the apps for free.

App #4: Nut Cache

nutcache - mobile apps
  • App Name: Nut Cache
  • App Website: http://www.nutcache.com
  • App Category: Project Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Nut cache is a project management apps which to ensure to save time, collaborate, manage your priorities and meet the deadlines. It has project management, time tracking, individual project dashboards, expensing, and invoicing all in one project management app. Most important it is available across all devices and platforms.

App #5: LastPass

LastPass - mobile apps
  • App Name: LastPass
  • App Website: http://www.lastpass.com
  • App Category: Password Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

LastPass is a password manager apps. You might want to ask how LasPass can help on productivity. Generally, LassPass help to stop wasting time writing, remembering, and resetting passwords. Only remember one master password, and keep the rest locked up and easy-to-find in the LastPass password manager. Having access to everything with one password can improve on efficiency and productivity of you work.

App #6: Evernote

evernote - mobile apps
  • App Name: Evernote
  • App Website: http://www.evernote.com
  • App Category: Notes Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Sometimes you may frustrating when you have a superb idea but having no place to jot it down so you can remember on it. Evernote come in play a role which enable your notes, clippings, memo, etc will always be with you. Regardless what device and how many device you want to use, Evernote will always synced together for you to access up to your preference. From daily practical use like snap a picture of your receipts to go vacation with snapshot of the sunset, Evernote help to capture the moment you want to remember.

App #7: Quip

Quip - mobile apps
  • App Name: Quip
  • App Website: http://www.quip.com
  • App Category: Project Management Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Notes and information get lost easily in an email, especially if the people you’re communicating with create poor subject lines. Quip helps with that by putting everyone on the same page. You can create, share, and discuss your documents with your team asynchronously or synchronously without using email and from multiple devices without changing how you work.

App #8: Join.me

join me - mobile apps
  • App Name: Join.me
  • App Website: http://www.join.me
  • App Category: Web Conferences Apps
  • App Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Need mobile web conferencing capability? Join me is an android and iOS app that allows you to host and attend web conferences without any downloads. It integrates with Slack, Outlook, Office 365 and more. You can start meetings from your phone and share your presentation or other documents with attendees easily with just a touch of a button. Also, you can collaborate on documents with your team with annotations.

App #9: Microsoft Office Mobile

office365 - mobile apps

Microsoft Office launched Office 365 on web cloud based. It has extended the features accross all the devices. If you’re not using Office 365, you’re missing out. It has many of the regular features of Office but you can use it on your mobile device. With tight security, easy navigation, automatically updated software, you really can’t beat this app for productivity in terms of using software that is a continuation of what you use at your home or office.

App #10: Mobile WordPress

wordpress_mobile - mobile apps

If you have a website, you know the importance of keeping your content fresh. But when you’re on the go a lot, that can sometimes be hard. But if your site is built with WordPress, you’re in luck. You can publish new posts from anyplace in the world if you have an internet connection. You can monitor your stats so that you know which posts are getting traffic and where your readers are coming from. You can also set up your WordPress to send notifications to your phone so that you can maintain engagement via blog comments.


What the apps mentioned above is some of the well known apps which used by the most people.
These top-10 mobile apps for business productivity will help you maintain efficiency no matter where you are if you have internet access.

If you have any other apps, ideas which can recommend, kindly please leave me message below. Help me to share the articles if you found it is useful to you and your friends. 😀



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